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The Activation Center

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Welcome to The Activation Center which is the Apostolic umbrella of ministeries, businesses and resources birthed by Avery Kinney based in Richmond, Virginia! 

We are not a bricks and mortar church! We are a para-ministry, we are ACTIVATORS, we are a mobile APOSTOLIC ACTIVATION HUB. We are a G.A.T.E. "Gathering, Assigning, Teaching and Equipping". We are a S.E.A.T. for God's presence to sit on to facilitate "Sharpening and Expanding Anointings for New Territory".

For the past twenty years, Bishop Avery Kinney has been a trusted prophetic voice to many people, including CEOs and Pastors. He is in demand to assist in developing leaders, prophetic teams, and mentoring leaders at all levels! His business and prophetic acumen, coupled with his marketplace experience in Human Resource Management and Executive Leadership in faith-based interests has provided him with favorable leverage in the arena of spiritual and professional development. Bishop Kinney brings his skillsets, by way of top-tier leadership, prophetic consulting to individuals and organizations in need of an infusion of momentum, innovation and guidance! What are we ACTIVATING? We are APOSTOLIC ACTIVATORS of purpose, destiny, times, seasons and alignment for what the Lord has ordered for your life.

The following ministry and marketplace hubs are under the umbrella of The Activation Center:
Avery Kinney Ministries
Life Activation Ministries 
The Leadership Boot Camp
Integrity Performance Group LLC
The Prophet's Porch (Our virtual ministry on Facebook Live and YouTube Live)
Catapult Designs

Contact us today at, we would love to partner with you individually, your ministry or business for the purposes of God.

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Do you need a Marriage Boot Camp? Is your relationship out of shape? This conference is an invitation to do your work while working in seven areas that focus on seven inner relationships (or “major muscle groups,” if you will).  Relationships are very deep and complex. Therefore, our goal is not perfection or complete mastery. Contact us today to schedule your Marriage Boot Camp/Relationship Clinic (Virtual or onsight) at


The Lord has given Bishop Kinney this revelatory educational tool to answer some of the most commonly asked questions and give Armor Bearer’s some wisdom, direction and insight that many lack to effectively fulfill their assignment in serving on this level. Contact our office schedule Armor Bearer training (Virtual or Onsight) at

“Of all the conferences we’ve hosted, and all the speakers we have flown in from around the world, Bishop Kinney remains the most highly spoken of and most often referenced speaker we have had. The reason is simple, he allows God to use him without restriction.”

Dr. Melvin Brockington, Sr. Pastor
Higher Calling Christian Center
Aberbeen, MD